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Term: plasmapheresis
Literally meaning: “withdraw plasma”
Origin: Anc Greek

JJ ABEL 1857 – 1938

πλάσμα(noun)/plasma (=something formed or molded, an idol) > πλάσσω/plasso(=create, form, mold).
+αφαίρεσις/apheresis(=taking away, withdraw)
In 1914 by American biochemist John Jacob Abel who described the technique of plasma removal for toxaemia in nephrectomised dogs.
Plasmapheresis is the therapeutic procedure in which the blood plasma is removed, purified and returned to the donor. Phlebotomy is the outpatient procedure of the withdrawal of an small amount of blood (about 1/2 lt) while at the same time a predetermined amount of intravenous fluid is administered (volume replacement). When relatively small amounts of plasma (about 600 ml) are removed the term plasmapheresis is appropriate but when more than this amount is removed then it is reccomended to infuse a colloid compound and for this the procedure is called plasma exchange 

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