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Term: karyotype

Origin: An Greek κάρυον/karyon(=walnut, kernel)   + τύπος/type(=mark, figure, form) > τύπτω/tipto(=strike, hit) leaving a mark.  à nuclear morphology

Coined : The term karyotype was introduced by Levitsky in  1931  who wrote 'Me personally, used the term karyotype to define the characteristics of the nuclei from one or a group of organisms.' …. Because of this, the term has taken on its current definition as describing the particular chromosome complement of an individual, as defined by the number and morphology of the chromosomes. (Joris Robert Vermeesch and Anita Rauch, Reply to Hochstenbach et al, European Journal of Human Genetics (2006) 14, 1063–1064. 2006)

A karyotype is the appearance of chromosomes in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell including number, form and size.

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