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Term: system

Origin:  σύστημα/systema(=union) > συνίστημι/synistimy(=uniting, compine)

Coined: The first unambiguous definition of the term system has been given by Pythagorean Kallicrates in his work “On the Happines of Family” (Περί οίκων ευδαιμονίας) (J Stobaei, Ioannis Stobaei Florilegium, AD, 1822) “ Any system consists of contrary and dissimilar elements, which unite under one optimum and return to the common purpose”. According Kallicratides, a system exists as a subsystem of a larger entity.
 In medicine (Hedel, 1941) the system is defined as the ‘whole” of body:
“when the throat is diseasedor tubercles form on the body, attention must be paid to the secretaions; for if they be bilious, the disease affects the general system; but if they resemble those of a healthy person, it is safe to give  nourishing food”. Hippocrates , Aphorisms. 

 Any organized assembly of resources and procedures forming a complex whole.

V. Tsoulkas, K Miloti, A. Panteleous “The contribution of system and control theory to new technologies” US-China Education Review, ISSN 1548-6613, 7 (3) Se No 64, 2010

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