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Term: adrogen

Origin: Anc Greek  ανδρογόνος < ανδρός, genitive of word ανήρ/aner(=male)  +  γένος/genos(=generation,  produced by)  -à generating man

Coined :
In the article “Endocrines theory and practice” in  J Chemistry and Assay of male hormones (1957) by R.K Callow and A.S Parkes  is mentioned that :
“the terms androgenic in  the sense of causing the development of male organs and characters and androgen a substance with this property, have been  used by American  writers . They supply very necessary parallels to the terms “oestrogenic” and oestrogen” applied to female sex hormones.”

Any of a group of hormones, such as testosterone or androsterone, that stimulates or controls the development and maintenance of the secondary male sex characteristics.

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