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Term: microscope
Origin:  An Greek μικρός/micros(=small) + σκοπός/scopos(=aim, look at)
Coined : Jansen and Jansen (1590), first produced a crude type of microscope by placing two lenses together without any provision for focussing. The Italian physicist Galileo Galilei, prepared a focussing devise  in 1624 and named it "occhiolino" or "little eye". In 1625 Giovanni Faber coined the term microscopy although the father of microscopy is considered the Dutch trademark Van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723).  Leeuwenhoek had read “Micrographia” of English inventor of compound microscope  Robert Hooke (1635 –1703), and he tried to grinded small lenses of short local length with a greater resolving power than that of Hooke’s microscope. . He made over 500 microscopes.
Microscope is an instrument used for viewing magnified small objects by  a combination of lenses .

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