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Term: andrology
Literally meaning:  “about man, study of man
Origin: Anc Greek
ανδρός/andros(=genitive case of noun ανήρ/aner=man, male)
λόγος/logos(=word, speech, discourse, reason)
>-λογία/-logia(=logy, study of)      
The term andrology was probably first coined in the USA at the end of the 19th century but was reintroduced into medicine by German gynecologist Harald Siebke (1899-1964) in 1951. Andrology’s institutionalization as a field of professional and academic medicine began  in the late 1960s. At first the term andrology applied solely to the clinical discipline however, over the last 30 years, andrology has grown and now covers the activities of reproductive biologists, embryologists, medical laboratory scientists and even geneticists and ethicists.
Andrology is a sub-specialty in urology dealing with men's health, particularly with those affecting the male reproductive system as male infertility and sexual dysfunction.

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