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hemophilia or haemophilia

Term: hemophilia (Am) or haemophilia (Engl)
Literally meaning: tendency or affinity to blood

Origin: Anc Greek
φιλία/philia (=philia, combining form meaning “affection”, “friendship” or “mutual love”).
>φιλέω/phileo (verb meaning  “to love”, “to kiss”, “to have tenderness for”)
>πίλναμαι/pilnamai(=to contact, to approach)

The earliest account on the condition was recorded by Dr. John Conrad Otto, in 1803 but the term coined in 1828 by the German physician Johann Lucas Schönlein (1793-1864). Queen Victoria (1819-1901) had several hemophilic sons that died before they had the opportunity to become King of England

Hemophilia is a inherited disorder in which the blood does not clot(coagulate) normally .

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