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Term: schistosoma

Literally meaning: “split body ”

Origin: Anc Greek
σχίζω/schiso(=slash, divide)
σώμα/soma(body) > σύμα/sima(=corpse). Homer(9th cen) reffered to word "σώμα" with the meaning of the corpse.

In 1858 by  Weinland because the male has an unusual lamelliform shape with marginal folds forming a canal in which the slender female worm resides.

Schistosoma (or bloo-flukes)  is a genus of trematodes  which are responsible for the parasitic disease of schistosomiasis, the third most devastating disease throughout Africa, Asia and South America, predominantly in rural areas. The invertebrate hosts are snails and human is infected by parasites in fresh water by skin penetration.


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