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sarcoidosis or sarcoid

Term: sarcoidosis  or sarcoid

Origin: An Greek σάρκα/sarca(=flesh) + ειδος/eidos --> oid(= like, form) + osis (=process) because one of the main symptom of the disease is the skin eruptions that it causes.

Coined : Sarcoidosis was probably described by Hutchinson in 1898 who noted an unusual skin erupting that he called “Mortimer’s malady”.Finally in 1916, Schamann reported clinical observation that clearly demonstrated the systemic involvement of disease and the condition became known as Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease or simply sarcoidosis.

Asymptomatic or chronic disease of unknown etiology which is characterised by abnormal collections of chronic inflammatory cells, form as nodules in multiple organs such as lungs and lymph nodes. Normally the onset is gradual.

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