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syrinx (plural syringes)

Term: syrinx (plural  syringes)

Origin:  Anc Greek σύριγξ/syrix (=pan pipes or pan flute) an ancient musical instrument, consisting of cane pipes of different lengths. In Greek mythology Syrinx was a nymph who was changed into reed to save her from the pursuit of god Pan. From this reed Pan fashioned the musical pipes.    

Coined: Spinal cord cavitation was first described by Esteine in 1546 and later in 1827 D’Angers was coined the term syringomyelia : syrinx (within in parenchyma of the spinal cord) + myelos (marrow)

1. a syrinx is tube-shaped and fluid filled neuroglial cavity within the central nervous system (spinal cord or brain); a fistula.
2.  the vocal organ of birds at the end of the trachea

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