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angio-, angei-, angi-,

Term: angio-, angei-,  (before vowel)angi-

Origin:. Anc Greek αγγείον/angeion (=vessel, receptacle)
> άγγος/aggos(=tube)

Definition: combining forms  that are used as prefix meaning a vessel
1. Blood or lymph vessel.
2. Capsule of seeds in angiosperms

Runor deratives
angiotomy, angiotensinogen, angiotensin, angiotelectasia, angiostomous, angiostenosis, angiostaxis, angioscotometry, angioscotoma, angioscopy, angiosarcoma, angiorraphy, angiopoiesis, angioplasty, angiophacomatos, angiopathy, angioparesis, angioparalysis, angiomyoma, angiomegaly, angiomatous, angiomatosis, angiolysis, angiology, angiolith, angiokeratosis, angiod, angiohyalinosis, angiography, angiogram, angiogenin, angiogenesis, angioedema, angiodystrophy, angiodysplasia, angiocarpous

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