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Term: endoscope

Origin: Anc Greek ενδο/endo(=within) + σκοπέω/skopeo(=examine, look at)

Coined: In 1585, Julius Caesar Aranzi (Giulio CEsare Aranzio, Arantius) (1529/1530-1589) was the first to use a light source for an endoscopic procedure, focusing sunlight through a flask of water and projecting the light into the nasal cavity. In 1806, Philip Bozzini, built an instrument known as a Lichtleiter, that could be introduced in the human body, to visualize the urinary tract, rectum and pharynx. In 1853 Antoine JEan Desormeaux, a French surgeon first introduced the "Lichleiter" of Bozzini to a patient and he named it for first time "endoscope". a lighted, flexible instrument to get a deep look inside the body cavities and examine organs.


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