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Term: genetics
Origin: Anc Greek
γενεά/ genea(=generation) <  γεννώ/geno (=birth to)
> γένεσις/genesis(=origin)
Image of William Bateson
Wiliam Bateson (1861-01926)
In an April,1905 letter to fellow scientist Adam Sedgwick at Cambridge in an effort to persuade him to establish a Chair in the field of heredity British geneticist, Wiliam Bateson (1861-01926)  wrote: "If the Quick Fund used for the foundation of a Professorship relating to Heredity and Variation, the best title wouldf, I think, be “the Quick Professorship of the Study of Heredity” . No simple word in common use quite gives this meaning. Such a word is badly wanted, and if it were desirable to coin one, 'Genetics' might do." In 1909 the word gene was coined by Danish botanist Wilhelm Johannsen (1857 - 1927). In 1910, Bateson co-discovered genetic linkage with geneticist Reginald Crundall Punnett, and they both continued their work together as co-founders of the Journal of Genetics. The same year, Bateson also established the term "epistasis" to explain the genetic interaction of two independent traits.

The branch of biology that deals with heredity and variation of organisms due to inherited characteristis.

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