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Term: -phobia
Origin: Anc Greek
-φοβία/phobia(=combining form denoting fear)
>φέβομαι/phevomai(=run away because of fear)

1.     (psych) irrational  and intense fear as a mental disorder
2.     (biol) avoidance of certain situations
3.     (medic) describes overreaction to a stimulus
4.     (chem) describing chemical aversions

The rule of coining  “a new phobia”  is to use, as first component, a Greek word concerning a specific fear  and as  suffix the word  “-phobia”.

Examples of “-phobias”
·        Acrophobia( fear of heights).
·        Agoraphobia ( fear of places where escape is impossible)
·        Anthropophobia (fear of people).
·        Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)
·        Astraphobia( fear of thunder and lightning)
·        Entomophobia ( fear/dislike of insects).
·        Claustrophobia  (fear of being closed in).
·        Gymnophobia ( fear of nudity).
·        Gynophobia ( fear of women).
·        Haptephobia (fear of being touched)
·        Hemophobia, (fear of blood).
·        Xenophobia- Fear of strangers or foreigners.
·         Microbiophobia  (fear of microbes and bactyeria).
·         (fear of the no 666)
·        Nosophobia (fear of contracting a disease).
·        Nyctophobia,( Scotophobia) ( fear of darkness).
·        Paraskavedekatriaphobia, ( fear of Friday the 13th).
·        Pharmacophobia (fear of medication )
·        Pyrophobia ( fear of fire).
·        Ophidiophobia ( fear/dislike of snakes).

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