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Term: biotechnology
Origin: Anc Greek
βιο-/vio(bio-, combining form for “life”) > βία/via(=rush)
+τέχνο-/techno(=techno-,  combining  form for “art” “craft” “method” > τίκτω (verb)/ticto (=give birth, produce)
+λογία/logia(=logy, suffix meaning “study of”  or “discourse of”)
Literally meaning: discourse or usage of living organisms.
The origins of biotechnology can be traced around 10000 years ago included the collection of selected seeds, domesticating animals and making wine, beer and yoghurt. The term was coined in 1919 by Hungarian Agricultural engineer Karl Ereky (or Wittmann Károly)(1878-1952) in a book called Biotechnologie der Fleisch-, Fett- und Milcherzeugung im landwirtschaftlichen Grossbetriebe (Biotechnology of Meat, Fat and Milk Production in an Agricultural Large-Scale Farm).
The application of science of Biology and especially biological processes and organisms for human benefit. The OECD (the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development) defines biotechnology as "the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by biological agents".

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