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tomography, tomograph, tomogram

Term: tomography

Literally meaning: “the process of writing the slices”

Origin: Anc Greek
τομή/tome(=section, slice, trunk, stalk) >τέμνω/temno(=cut
-γραφία/graphia(=-graphy, a combining form denoting  something written or represented as in words biography, geography, photography >  γράμμα/gramma(=letter)

Radiology began as medical speciality in first decade of the 1900’s after the discovery of x-rays by German physicist Prof Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen (1845-1923) . CT imaging (Computed Tomography) was invented in 1972, in England,  by Sir Godfrey Hounsfiel (1919-2004) who used gamma rays and a detector together with a digital computer to create detailed cross sectional images of objects reconstructing data into a single image in more than 24 hours.

Tomography is the technique for produsing images by sections (cross-sectional)  using X-rays, ultrasound or gamma rays.  The device used in tomography is called tomograph anf produced image tomogram

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