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lithium (Li)

Term: lithium (Li)
Literally meaning: “pertaining to stone”
Origin: Anc Greek
λίθος/lithos(=stone, rock)
The element was named in 1817 by Sweeden chemist Johan August Arfvedsen (1792-01-12)  when analysing petalite  (LiAlSi4O10) ore. He named the metal “lithos” and  later “lithium”. However Arfvedsen was never able to isolate lithium metal from ore and the first person who isolated it from lithium oxide was William Thomaw Brande in 1821.
Lithium is a chemical element  with atomic number 3 and atomic mass 6.941. It belongs to the alkali metal group and has a silver-white color. Lithium belongs to a class of medications that called antimanic agents because decrease abnormal activity in the brain. It is used to treat episodes of mania in people with bipolar disorder. 

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