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titanium (Ti)

Term: titanium
Literally meaning: “pertaining to Titans”
Origin: Anc Greek
Τιτάν/Titan(= in Greek Mythology Titans and their sisters Titanesses were giant and strong primordial dieities children of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (sky). Titans were defeated by younger descendants of Gaia the Olympians gods.
>τανύω/tanyo(=strain, stretch, extend)    

Titanium was discovered in 1791 by English pastor William Gregor (1761-1817) and originally named “gregorite”. Two years later (in 1793)  German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth (1743-1817) independently  discovered the same element and named it “titanium” after the titans of Greek Mythology; “the incarnation of natural strength.” In 1797 Klaproth discovered that his titanium was the same as Gregor’s newly found element. Titanium isolated finally in 1910 by American metallurgist Matthew A. Hunter (1878-1961).

Titanium is a chemical element with atomic number  22 and atomic mass 47.867. It is a very strong and light silver transition metal which is characterized by its resistance to corrosion.  

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