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uranium (U)

Term: uranium (U)
Literally meaning: “pertaining to planet Uranus ”
ορανüς/uranos(=heaven, sky)
άνω/ano (=above)
The name was given after the recently dicovered planet Uranus.  The planet name was given by German astronomer  Johann Bode(1747-1826) as in conformity with other planet names. Uranus (Greek Ουρανός=heaven) according Greek mythology was the husband of Earth (Γαία/Gea) and father of Titans.
The use of uranium in its natural oxide form, dates back to at least 79 A.D. when it was used to add color to ceramic glazes with an orange-yellow color. he discovery of the uranium is credited to the German chemist Martin Heinrich Klapothy (1743-1817) in samples of the mineral pitchblende. The first atomic bomb used in warfare  was an uranium bomb (uranium-235 isotope).
Uranium is a hard, dense silver-white radioactive chemical element with atomic number 97 and atomic mass. The element is used mainly  to fuel commercial power plants. 

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